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Engineering Platform

novaro: Your Compass to Elite Horizons

Smart Twin

The advanced modeler in Smart Twin facilitates precise system design and resource mapping, while the Vista module brings this architecture to life with live metrics and logs, offering an interactive and insightful view. Alongside, modules like FinOps, SLO, API, and Security contribute to an overall boost in software development productivity, each providing unique benefits that streamline and enhance various aspects of the development process.

Smart Path

Smart Path, a software module, speeds up development by embracing the 'Golden Path' approach in large organizations. It unifies platform engineers, software developers, and others, facilitating collaboration and efficient approval for system changes. This method streamlines infrastructure setup, code updates, and CI/CD pipeline management, while upholding best practices in security and compliance.

Smart Twin: Model, Visualize, Optimize & Thrive

Alive Documentation with Embedded Insights Proactive Alerts when out of sync
#teamonboarding, #collaboration, #debugging, #compliance-(iso-27000)
System of Systems Overview Dashboard
#visibility for leadership, #organization landscape, #organization inventory, #organization health
SLO-Driven Reliability & API Excellence
#reliability, #customer-experience, #sre
Budget & Security Intelligence
#finops,#resuource utilization #secuirty, #vulnerability
Automated, Compliant Release Tracking

Our system links CI/CD with Jira, capturing every release detail, including change type, involved stakeholders, and digital conformance signatures, for streamlined and accountable change management.

#compliance, #audit, #collaboration, #debugging

Smart Path: Streamlining Development Success

Smart Path

Pre-Approved Catalogues & Self-Service Portal

Robust platform featuring an array of pre-approved catalogues – including infrastructure templates, code templates, CI templates, and security and compliance policies. Platform engineers can upload approved templates, while developers benefit from a convenient self-service portal for consuming these services.

Day 0 - Building & Availability

Platform team creates and makes the catalogues available on the portal, preparing for efficient development.

Day 1 - Template Utilization

Developers use the portal to deploy the necessary pre-approved templates, streamlining their workflow.

Day 2 - Ongoing Updates & Coordination

Platform engineers roll out system updates or patches, with developers updating at opportune times to ensure continuous, unobtrusive operations

#self service, #collaboration, #golden path, #compliance-(sox,soc-2,iso-27000), #developer-friction

Smart Twin: Benefits of adoption

Smart Path: Benefits of adoption

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